Oriental Bridge Customized Tours by Private Vehicle
with English-speaking guide

We have a great experience in programming customized tours, which represent a large share of our activity. Two main cases occur :

•   You know exactly where you wish to go and send us either a detailed itinerary or a list of the sites which you want absolutely to visit.

  1. If we think that your itinerary is the best possible, we send you within 48 to 72 hours according to its complexity a very detailed proposition with price describing the program day by day, the list of hotels recommended with their category and web site address if any, and the terms and conditions, plus some elements to be known about the country (climate, visa, explanation on homestays, etc.) ;

  2. It happens very frequently that the itinerary which you send us poses a serious problem, the main one being stages which you have planned to do in one day when it is impossible. You have to know that ground transportation in Vietnam is very slow, be it by car, buses or trains. Roads are mostly in bad shape and, apart from the two deltas, Red River in the North and Mekong in the South, the whole country is mountainous, with narrow roads, long passes and endless bends. You have to count an average speed of 35-40 km/h apart from a few exceptions such as the new superhighway Hanoi-Sapa. Moreover, one does not drive in the country at night, which falls rapidly around 6 or 7 pm depending on the season.

In that case, if we think that your program should be amended, we explain to you why and propose a better one. The choice is yours : you agree with our recommendation or you wish to stay with the original programme ; whatever your choice, we then send you the formal proposal with price when we receive your answer.

•   On the contrary, some clients send us an email such as « We wish to visit Vietnam from North to South in 15 days », without any details.

In order to send you the best programme possible, we first ask you necessary questions such as « Do you wish to go trekking ? », « Do you wish to sojourn on a beach and how many days ? », « Are you interested by museums and historical sites ? », « Do you want a combination of hotels and homestays ? », etc.

Upon receipt of your answers, we send you a summary of an itinerary, which you can amend as you wish. Upon receipt of your comment about the summary, we send you the formal proposal with price.

In both cases, there is the problem of the climate, very different from one region to the other ; for example, July-August is monsoon season in the South, with torrential rains, and September-October typhoon season in the Center ; we inform you of those weather conditions if they pose a problem in your programme.

In all cases, we have to know some elements before proceeding with your request : the number of people, and, if children, how many and their age ; at least the month of your trip (dates are even better !), the hotel category you wish (from good 2 stars to 5 stars) and the type of rooms (single, double, twin, triple) so that we can calculate the cost.

Group Tours Reserved and Guaranteed
by Oriental Bridge

Though it is preferable to visit Vietnam in a private vehicle, Oriental Bridge understands that not everybody can afford it. Consequently, we can offer you a group tour organized by a reputable company. You will pay the same rate as if you were booking the tour directly with its tour operator; however, we like to control that everything is done the proper way, which explains why we prefer to assure the reservation ourselves.

Those tours range from a one-day tour of Ha Noi, Hoa Lu-Tam Coc, or the Perfume Pagoda, to several days in Sapa (trekking included) and 1 or 2 weeks throughout Vietnam.

Just question us for more information.

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