We have extensive experience in programming customized tours, which represent a very important part of our activity. Two main cases can arise:

You know exactly where you want to go and you send us either a detailed itinerary or a list of the sites you want to visit in priority with the number of days for each.

  1. If we think the itinerary is the best desirable, we will send you within 48 to 72 hours, depending on its complexity, a very detailed and costed proposal describing the itinerary day by day, the list of hotels used with their category and the location. address of their website if it exists, the price and the terms and conditions, plus a certain number of elements to know about the country (climate, visa, explanation of the guest houses, etc.);

  2. It happens very often that the itineraries are unfeasible, the main problem being that you have planned one or more stages in one day, which is impossible. It should be remembered that land transport is very slow in Vietnam, whether by car, bus or train. The roads are generally in poor condition and, except in the two deltas, Red River in the north and Mekong in the south, they are only mountain roads with long passes and incessant bends; the railway network is also deficient. It is therefore necessary to count on an hourly average of 35 to 40 km/h with rare exceptions such as the new Hanoi-Sapa highway. In addition, one does not drive when it is dark, which falls very quickly around 6-7 p.m. depending on the season.

In this case, if we think your program could be improved, we will explain why and send you a more suitable itinerary suggestion in the form of a summary. The choice is then yours: accept our suggestions or stick to your initial program; whatever your choice, we will send you the final proposal upon receipt of your answer.

•   On the contrary, some customers send us an email such as “We want to visit Vietnam from north to south in 18 days”, without any details.

In order to make you the best possible proposal, we first ask you a number of questions such as “Do you want to go trekking? », « Do you want a beach holiday and for how many days? », « Are you interested in museums and historical sites? “, “Is a combination of hosts and guest houses right for you? ", etc.

Upon receipt of your response, we will send you a summary of what we think is best, which may be amended based on your changes. Upon receipt of your acceptance of this summary or any changes you make to it, we will then send you the final proposal.

In both cases, there is also the problem of the climate, which is very different depending on the region; for example, July and August are the two months of monsoon in the south, with torrential rains, and September-October those of typhoons in the center; so we inform you before making a proposal.

In any case, it is necessary for us to know at the beginning of the procedure the number of people and, if it includes children, how many and their age; at least the month of travel (due to the very significant differences in climate between the north, center and south of the country), the hotel category (from 2 to 4 stars) and the type and number of rooms (single , double; twin, triple; etc.), so that we can calculate the cost of the tour.