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North Vietnam
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One-day Tours around Hanoi

We propose to you 5 one-day tours close to Hanoi :


  Located 65 km north of Hanoi, in the Province of Bac Ninh alongside the charming Cau River, the craddle of the Red River Civilization, the village of Phu Lang is famous for having welcomed Luu Phong Tu, the Saint-Patron of Ceramists, who taught his craft to the village children.

Since those very ancient times, generations of craftsmen have settled in the village tp practice the art of ceramics and pottery. We arrive in the village around 10 am and stroll in the the picturesque streets bordered with walls and doors covered with ceramics.

In the village, we met the most famous local crafstman, Mr. Cuong, in his very old house alongside the river, where we have lunch. We then visit his workshop, with its enormous oven where ceramics are heated for 2 days. We then go to other villages, where you can learn the Art of ceramics, and return to Hanoi with a visit en route of the Pagoda of the Peaceful Happiness (Ninh Phuc), near the village of But Thap. Very likely founded in the XIVth century, (but the present structures date from the XVIIIth), it represents the most complete and representative type of North Vietnam pagodas.

Rates per person in US dollars

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$134 $78 $59 $56 $50

(DUONG LAM) (lunch)

  An exceptional tour unknown by tourists. We are the only one to offer it: Morning departure to the Thay Pagoda, an immense complex of pagodas stretching on several levels on a lime peak surging from the surrounding rice fields. In front of that complex, a small lake lined with multicolor houses, two Chinese covered bridges, cafe terraces and vendors, and a cute little pagoda in its middle. A visit of at least one hour.

10 km farther away, another surprising complex, much smaller, the Tay Phuong Pagoda, 3 parallel structures on top of a lime peak, the oldest dating from the XIIIth century. Magnificent polychrome wooden statues (XVIIth-XVIIIth) representing "The Human Conditions", and the statue of Quan Am, the thousand-arm Goddess.
Thay Pagoda

We then drive to the village of Muong Phu (district of Duong Lam), famous for its tri-centenary houses, some still inhabited by the same family. We visit several of those houses and have lunch in one of them. We then ride a bicycle through the peaceful countryside to arrive in the village of Duong Lam, to admire the Mia Pagoda (pagoda of the sugar cane), famous for containing 287 polychrome statues, mostly in terra cotta, the oldest in Vietnam. We continue our bicycle tour with the visit of the tombs of King Phung Hung (761-802) and Ngo Quyen (897-944), both born in Duong Lam. Return to Hanoi late afternoon.

Rates per person in US dollars

1 pers. 2 pers. 3 pers. 4 pers. 5 pers.
$145 $82 $61 $55 $50


We are the only one to propose that programme, which is quite exceptional in its diversity and interest so close to Hanoi (30 km).

    Our driver and guide take you at your hotel around 9:00, direction Soc Son, a beautiful region of forests, lakes, pagodas and temples. We start with a magnificent site, Mount Thanh Giong, from which we enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire Red River Delta, with the Ba Vi and Tam Dao Massifs in the horizon.

On top of the amount stands a superb gigantic bronze statue of Thanh Giong, one of the 4 Immortals of the Vietnamese Pantheon. According to the legend, born by a miracle of poor peasants in 1700 BC, he was fed by the villagers, became immediately a giant, repelled invaders from the North and, after his victory, jumped on his horse which took him up in the sky.

  We then drive to the big Non Nuoc Pagoda, with its 50-ton gilded bronze Buddha, and to the Doc Son Temples, a small complex of 5 pavilions in a beautiful forest. Lunch in an excellent restaurant alongside the Dong Quan Lake, followed by the visit of the spectacular Thanh Chuong Viet Palace.

Thanh Chuong is one of the most famous modern Vietnamese painters and who has had exhibitions worldwide.

From 2001 to 2003, he has developed on 10 000 sq m of hill and forest an extraordinary complex, a true maze of ponds, terraces, gardens, pagodas, towers, traditional houses, a large theater with an amazing wooden beam roof frame, a water puppet theater, a 5-storey tower, with a superb view of the surrounding countryside from the top balcony, where he displays some of his work and the largest and most valuable private collection of ceramics in Vietnam. The visit lasts around 2 hours. Relaxation in the charming Tea House (drinks not included) and return to your hotel end of the afternoon.

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1 pers. 2 pers. 3 pers. 4 pers. 5 pers.
$136 $80 $61 $59 $51


  Departure for Tam Coc (2 hours) to make, before the tourist groups, which arrive at 12:00, the magic boat ride on the three-grotto River. You then have lunch in the famous Chez Loan restaurant, and then visit, by car or bicycle at your choice, the Pagoda of Bich Dong and Temple of Thai Vi.

You then cross Halong Bay on Land on a small road which is one of our little secrets, and arrive in Hoa Lu, the first capital of the Kingdom of Vietnam, where you visit the two superb temples of Dinn Thien Hoang and Le Dai Han. Return at your Hanoi hotel around 18:30.
Tam Coc River

Rates per person in US dollars

1 pers. 2 pers. 3 pers. 4 pers. 5 pers.
$148 $83 $65 $55 $52


Morning departure for the pagoda, one of the most revered religious sites in Vietnam. A 2-hour boat ride brings you at the foot of the mountain; visit of the bottom pagoda, followed by a cable-car climb to the top one, which is in fact a huge grotto, called Perfume Pagoda because of the smell of the millions of incense sticks burnt inside since centuries. Visit and descent for lunch. After lunch, visit of the pagoda of Long Van and the village of Vac, famous for its bamboo products: bird cages, fans, lanterns, etc. Return at your Ha Noi hotel around 18:00.

Rates per person in US dollars

1 pers. 2 pers. 3 pers. 4 pers. 5 pers.
$151 $88 $70 $62 $57


    The tour starts from your hotel at 8h. Your driver and guide take you over the Red River and then follow the valley of the Duong River, to arrive at Bhut Tap Pagoda (Pagoda of the Quiet Happiness - Ninh Phuc). Very likely founded in the 11th century (but the present structures date from the 18th), it is built according to the most complete and representative plan of a northern pagoda, with its three parallel buildings. It includes one unique feature in Vietnam : a small carved arched bridge linking two of the three structures. In the last one, one can admire a huge prayer wheel dating 13th and still perfectly working.

We then cross the River Cau to arrive at the site of Phat Tich Pagoda, which stretches on terraces at the foot of a hill on top of which stand a tall Chinese tower and a huge statue of Buddha. The whole complex was built in the 9th century and completed in the 11th. The main pagoda shelters a beautiful wooden statue of Buddha, the tallest one in Vietnam and venerated as a National treasure.

  The last stop is 30 km northwest; we cross the provincial capital of Bac Ninh and then take a small ferry, to arrive back to the Middle Ages, in the very ancient village of Tho Ha. Formerly a great center of potteries like Phu Lang (archeologists have found traces of a 9th century kiln and there used to be over 50 of them in the 19th), it died for lack of wood and never changed. One visits the beautiful communal house, the largest in the North, and a complex of pagodas full of statues and incense burners, built in 1633. Buy the famous specialty of the village, the large rice cakes. Return to Bac Ninh and Hanoi, where we leave you at your hotel around 18h.    

Rates per person in US dollars

1 pers. 2 pers. 3 pers. 4 pers. 5 pers.
$142 $75 $60 $55 $48